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Cool Glamor x 2023 China International Beauty Expo

2023-03-19 07:42:49

The 60th China International Beauty Expo is counting down, Cool Glamor will shine with star products.

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The 60th China Guangzhou Beauty Expo (hereinafter referred to as CIBE) will open in Pazhou, Zhuhai District, Guangzhou City on March 10 this year, and the exhibition will last for 3 days. It has been 33 years since the CIBE was established. As the wind vane of China's beauty industry and an ideal platform for one-stop procurement plans, it has gathered high-end exhibitors, buyers and industry professionals at home and abroad, driving the cycle and linkage development of the entire industry, and has injected new momentum for all walks of life.

This time, Cool Glamor will also appear at the fair as an exhibitor, bringing a new brand concept and the most anticipated equipment.

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Since 2007, Cool Glamor has been rooted overseas and has accumulated rich overseas experience. It has more than 40 exclusive brand agents around the world. Its products are sold in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, with a cumulative sales volume of 100,000+. An international top R&D room has been established in Israel, and the number of scientific researchers exceeds 1/3 of the total number of employees. The technologies in the fields of cryogenics, laser and ultrasound have matured and continue to be innovated and upgraded. The strength of the products is beyond doubt.

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Cool Glamor entered the domestic market this year, and its development is like a broken bamboo. As an Israeli high-end medical beauty instrument brand, Cool Glamor deeply targets the core market needs of beauty seekers, empowers products with technology, changes consumers' solidified perception of medical beauty instrument brands, adheres to high standards and strict requirements, and creates products with high quality and rich experience.

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This time at the Beauty Expo, Cool Glamor will bring four latest instruments. Our purpose is to allow exhibitors to intuitively feel the strength of Cool Glamor, and at the same time start a journey of scientific and technological aesthetics exploration:

1.Cryolipolysis+EMS: This first domestic instrument has 8 major global technology patents, comprehensively updated freezing fat reduction technology, pioneered one machine with double effects, freezing and electromagnetic dual-energy system to create precise fat reduction and full-thickness plasticity shape.

2. NIR+DPL: It meets most people's needs for immediate effect of whitening and rejuvenating skin. It adopts global high-tech precision light source technology with high absorption efficiency to maximize the energy released by absorbing light, and stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen. It has a two-handle and dual-spot configuration, and the whitening range of the hands is larger, so as to achieve whitening and rejuvenation of the face and body without dead ends.

3. Private Laser: Private and compact are its highlights, and it conducts customized private and rejuvenating projects for women. At the same time, it also has eight major functions of rectus abdominus muscle repair, menopause delay, ovarian maintenance, urinary incontinence improvement, postpartum repair, pelvic floor muscle repair, vaginal relaxation, and private anti-aging.

4. Sculpt ID: Instant ID is a non-invasive single-stage radio frequency device for body and face fat reduction + firming. While ensuring the full-thickness effect of radio-frequency energy, it is targeted, effective, and safe to improve local relaxation, fat accumulation, and even delicate body posture problems. Solve the troubles of "skin loose" and "thick flesh", and form clearer muscle lines.

So far, in addition to Cryolipolysis+EMS, Private Laser, and NIR+DPL, HIFU will also become a member of COOL GLAMOR in the future. As an old brand of medical aesthetic instruments that has been overseas for 15 years, the past glory will continue, and I believe the future outlook will be even more exciting.

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Cool Glamor will make a big debut at hall G04A, and the hall design will also be renewed simultaneously. Stay tuned on March 10!